Baby sweater!

Finally, I've got photos of my knits! This weekend I made pretty good progress on all my knits - I finished Lorelai's sweater, a market bag I'm test knitting, I pulled the Bobbi Bear out of hibernation, and I've just about finished one sock (the toe needs kitchnering). The Seamless Baby Kimono was made using Tahki Cotton Classic that I had in my stash. Hot Pink. I dig it, and I think Lorelai does too. I used two skeins and a little bit of a third one. As I'm left handed, the front crosses from the right and ties on the left. I enjoyed knitting this - seamless is the way to go!
Baby kimono sweater

L. learns how to take a "knitter's self portrait"
knitters self portrait

Don't I look smart?
Looking smart in my sweater

Drool proof.
Cotton sweaters...

This photo shoot is over!
This photo shoot is over!


theatreknitter said...

great sweater! Is the bobbi bear that really big one you made? thanks for calling last night, it was great to hear from you. oooo you have new flickr pictures.

Hunny said...

Teach them young. By the time she makes her first wearable knitted item her pictures will be flawless.
I did the meme its on my blog.

WifeMomKnitter said...

Aww! What a cute little sweater!

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