Good Eats

I did say my next post would have knitting - it's all being worked on. Certainly I can distract any blog readers with Lorelai's adventures into "solid" food? She had her first cereal today. She went at it like a champ!
Let's Eat!


"Solid" foods - take 1
It might not look like it from that last photo, but more food went in than came out, really!


KnelleyBelley said...

Cutess! Looks like Lorelai and I had a similar breakfast, but I was a little bit neater.

WifeMomKnitter said...

Yay, Lorelai!

theatreknitter said...

YAy for solid food. That high chair looks like it could swallow her. For once she looks smaller than I expect. Hope you have some nice family time on your long weekend. Will call next week with some news that I cannot blog about just yet.

Tamara said...

She is just beautiful! You are blessed. =) (HatGrl1 on Ravelry)

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