The Very Patient Bear

Hoo-ray! I finally finished the Bobbi Bear that I started back in 2005!!! All he needed was ears and a face. At SnB last week I was talking with others about finishing, and I challenged myself to get it done by the next SnB - and I did it! Go me!
Bobbi Bear - Finished!
He's huge. And the yarn is fuzzy, so while L. can have this bear, it is going to be more of a decoration than a huggable toy for a while. I have complained about how big he is, but last night I couldn't stop squeezing him and walking around the house! I hope she loves him forever, and can't you see a college kid taking this off to school? Maybe not, but he'll be there for her. I might make it again in a more kid-friendy-drool-proof-yarn...
We're the same size!
L. has quite the 'do this morning - it's kind of like "Flock of Seagulls".

Hi there

Let me take a bite out of you!

On to the next project...


Unknown said...

That IS a huge bear!!! It must feel good to have an old ufo wrapped up and being enjoyed!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh - I think that bear is going to have a friend for life in Lorelai! How fun a project!

anphoe said...

That's huge!!! But it's really cute.

Cactusneedles said...

That's such a cool bear! I love that he's as big as her! :)

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