Knitting in Public

I forgot to blog about Macbeth (with Patrick Stewart) - we went in to New York back on May 3 to see the show.

Now, I'm not a huge Shakespeare fan, but as I have gotten older I have come to appreciate it more. Seeing it performed makes a world of difference than just reading it aloud in high school english class. Let me say that Patrick Stewart is outstanding! We were maybe 25 feet away from him - he's a tremendous actor! The whole performance was really interesting - the witches were nurses / servants, there was a lot of blood, and I recognized one of the actors (before reading his Playbill bio): Scott Handy - I remembered him from "A Knight's Tale" - he was one of the "announcers" at the jousts.

I did bring my knitting, and KIP on the train ride in, and then at the theatre waiting to be seated / during intermission:
KIP - burp cloth

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