Batwoman Here.

I almost can't believe I did it! My Batshawl designed by Emilee! One skein of Malabrigo Lace - and I have leftovers!
Wa na na na na na na na - Bat Shawl!

I've yet to remove all the pins to actually try it on, so certainly there will be more photos. Now that I see it pinned out, I think perhaps I should have done one more row of bats - that would have made it just a bit bigger / longer. Luckily, I think the forecast for saturday (when I plan to wear it at the outdoor wedding reception) is 60-ish, so I should be good. Or I could layer it with the satin-y wrap that came with the dress, it's purple, it could work. I'm so proud of this - I finished a project! Almost makes up for the bag of in-progress projects that I found in the yarn room, but that's a whole other post.

All I can think of when I look at the shawl / think about the shawl isn't the original Batman theme, instead it's a clip from "The Wild World of Batwoman" that was on Mytsery Science Theater 3000 - at one point, Batwoman answers the phone, "Batwoman here" - one of the most ridiculous scenes ever, in a very ridiculous movie. Guess which one is her.

Batwoman out.

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Just in time for Halloween!

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