Time to Decorate

I was waiting on pulling out the Halloween decorations - today seems like a good day to tackle that. We've been given decorations to add to our own stuff this year and they are just sitting on the table. And I made a new little decoration, this little bat:
Bat Cave
He's in a bat cave! No not really, that is a wine holder made out of rock - my brother gave that to us for a wedding present. Great for wine (it will naturally chill the wine if you have it outside) and also great for bats, thank you Matt :)

Test Knit - Bat
Actually this was a super quick test knit project - Little Bat Ornament by FickleKnitter on Ravelry - I used leftover sock yarn (Lenore appropriately) and it could be done in less than a day. Also could be a great finger puppet if you only seam and do not stuff. The pattern is free for the month of October, so go make one or a bunch and you'll have a colony!

Lorelai has her costume, so that's good. Jackson does too actually - he won a ladybug costume, but today I'm playing a bit and made him a chef hat.
My dog is such a good sport!
My dog is such a good sport!
Good thing he doesn't hold a grudge.

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Sue said...

Would Jackson like to join us on http://dogs-n-more.blogspot.com ?

This weekend we'll be posting pictures of our dog friends in their costumes.

Just let us know and we'll welcome him to the group.

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