These are my confessions... (Picture Heavy)

No Glee this week (isn't baseball over yet?) - but I found this clip, which I love...

In a recent rearranging of some furniture I found a bag of unfinished projects. Hoo-boy. Some of these are really, "What Was I thinking?" (in my head it's Christine Lavin - video link). And, "Why aren't the ball bands with the yarn?!"

This was going to be a lengthwise scarf - where you start off casting on 400 stitches and knit only 20 rows? I remember starting this on a school field trip when I was teaching, so it's from 2005 or 2006. Bad idea. Couldn't keep track of the stitches. Frogged. Interesting side note, this summer I bought more of the darker yarn (Classic Elite Premier) from the sale section at a LYS, potentially for Rusted Root.

A Zebra Scarf using Plymouth "Oh My" yarn. I think I will finish this one and gift it to Lorelai in a few years.

I'm pretty sure this is Cherry Tree Hill Suri Alpaca purchased to be a Trellis Scarf, back in April of 2006. Yeah, didn't happen.

Pink-dusty rose soft, fluffy-ish yarn - tried to become a baby bootie. No go.

A soft wool, greens / browns (very similar to my Monkey Socks yarn) started out to be a diagonal knot stich scarf. Frogged.

A sweater. OMG. It needs the seams under the arms done and the picking up of stitches on the fronts fixed - I am sure this is why the sweater was tossed into the bag - I tried to pick up stitches and didn't get enough but I did get puckering. This is something I can save. Sitcom Chic pattern, Cotton Ease yarn - August, 2005.

Clapotis #2. Classic Elite Inca Alpaca yarn. Started in October, 2005. Not sure why I stopped. I think I would like to finish this one.

One glove. With a pointy thumb. WTF? Maybe this will go in a dress up box.

A little bag from April 2005. Sophie? from magknits I think... I think it needs one more handle. And I do have 2 more balls of this ribbon yarn. I should finish it and give it to Lorelai, but it just annoys me.

A noro bag, from 11/2006 - obviously never finished. I don't love this - planning to frog it. I'm sort of done with Noro.

A flower petal washcloth. I don't really like knitting with the cotton chenille, but I think I will finish this one as well.

An Irish hiking scarf. Wool-ease I think, was probably started as a gift. I think this will be frogged - I love cables but that pattern doesn't do it for me anymore.

A Leisel scarf, I think. From July 2006. There's potential here, but with a different pattern. Frogged.

The beginnings of a mouse. I really should finish this and give to Lorelai.

Well, it's out there in the open now. I've owned up to these projects, and I do feel somewhat better having frogged a few things. But I'm dreaming of the next projects that will be on the needles... Same story, different day! Maybe I got tired of blue....?

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Peaceful Knitter said...

WOW. Bet it feels good to get this all out in the open and make some decisions! Plus, some of them are small/far enough along that you'll have new FOs in no time!

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