Sweater Weather.

We're really getting into those "fall in New England" sort of days - cool in the morning and evening, sunny and pleasant during the day. There is rain in the forecast, but that's fine. I'm loving being back in long sleeves and handknit socks. My own sweaters could use a refreshing, so, on to the baby / toddler sweaters!

First up, PrestoChango
"Presto Change-O" FO!
I always wanted this when I was pregnant with Lorelai, but never got around to making it. Dan's cousin recently had a baby (a little girl!) and I was excited to make this for them. Can't beat it - cute, practical - the yarn is Encore - one skein, or maybe one skein plus a few yards from skein #2. The buttons were purchased at WEBS - I decided to stay non-gender specific - these buttons bring out some of the earthy tones in the yarn and it can be used for another baby down the line. I am happy with it, however, I had already purchased buttons for this - a deep green leaf-style - and they are GONE. Can't find them anywhere. So annoying. I do hope those buttons turn up - they were really nice!

Second, I have finished the Peace, Baby sweater for Lorelai.
Sigh. Mommy makes a handknit sweater and what happens? Water works. Oy.
Too big. Again. This is the size 2 - the Lorax is not a big kid, she's not a peanut either. Petite-ish, maybe. Better too big than too small.
I think it could have been a little bit longer, but I can live with it.

Immediately following this photoshoot, I changed her and we had a snack - she was back to all smiles. And hamming it up for the camera.
Snack time - Apples!
Snack time - Apples!
Snack time - Apples!


Anonymous said...

Both sweater are adorable.

Peaceful Knitter said...

Man, that girl likes apples.
You've got me thinking about making a presto-chango now too!

Kathy said...

I made a presto-chango for a friend's baby and I enjoyed doing it. I used some Blue Sky Alpaca Organic yarn and it was sort of a greenish tinted sweater. Your daughter is so cute!

theatreknitter said...

I just loved how she lied on the phone to me yesterday "did you like the sweater that mommy knit for you?" "Yes"

Love the presto, keeping that on the list for Sarah for the spring little one that is on the way.

Tracey said...

Cute pictures - love the sweaters!

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