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Our new favorite distraction - my button jar. It's not a very big collection, and not very valuable (it's full of inexpensive buttons from JoAnns and other craft stores plus whatever buttons come with the clothes), but Lorelai seems to be really into it lately. She will request, "Play with buttons?".

She has her favorites and we practice finding colors. Most of the buttons to her are "Byou" and then "gween" and then maybe "yeh-woah". I get to knit nearby and keep an eye on all those little buttons and she moves them from jar to the floor to her hands to a cup. For added fun I gave her two ice cube trays. 20 - 30 minutes of fairly peaceful playtime.

Lucky for me, my knits of late have not required buttons, but I've got some in my queue (for holiday knitting) that do - I should figure out the button choices now and set them aside. Buttons seem to have a way of just walking off in this house - I still haven't found those other buttons I originally bought for the PrestoChangeO sweater! And now I know about two little legs that are awfully fond of them!

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