Another snowfall, another project.

But first - the hearts I made for my valentines:
Left over sock yarn, held doubled - one made with a face for the Lorax, the other is a sleepy eyed heart with a heart tattoo on its backside, for the hubby. Quick and cute.

I have been trying to come up with other ideas for things to do with the Lorax - she's not really into playing by herself, but if you sit with her she can be content and focused on a project or whatever. I had brought out my button jar and big old box of fuzzy-puff-balls again and I'm getting bored with it (even though it's wicked cute to hear a little two year old voice say "Daddy? Play buttons and fuzzies?"). Poking around the web I've found some new blogs to follow- Totally Tots, Preschool Playbook and No Time For Flashcards are some I'm really enjoying.

I spotted a post online that reminisced about Paint With Water - did you do those? I know I did, hubby did not. Anyway, painting is one of those crafts I'm a bit hesitant about start with the Lorax - I think she might still be a bit too young (and lets face it, she's just as content to scribble with crayons or markers), and I don't want to make a huge mess that I will have to clean up. But those paint-with-water type books might be a great idea. According to the post you can find them at amazon and target (will have to look this week), and dollar stores (keeping my eyes out). Poking around a bit more I found an Inspired Ideas blog post about making your own with watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, and just add water! Brilliant!

I took advantage of coupons in my JoAnn's craft store flier and picked up a set of the pencils and a pad of paper. We printed out the pdf file in the "inspired ideas" post, I drew a few things for the Lorax and let her go to it - she loved to dip the q-tip paintbrush in the water and then dab at the drawing:
Paint with water
Then she wanted to do some of the coloring part as well, so we went back and forth between coloring and painting. This worked out (for the most part) really well - she was focused on this for 25 minutes and didn't want to get out of the chair to greet Dan when he came home.

I gave it a go too:
Not too shabby.

My next activity to try with her is going to be a lacing project - I found a pack of lacing beads at the dollar store - will she stick with it or just get frustrated? I also want to try our hands at Fruit Lacing - I think I already have all the materials for that, just need to put them together.

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Unknown said...

There are special markers and paper that won't work on any other surface. I had trouble finding those paint with water books, but thanks for the tip about target.
Don't be afraid to try the paints. There is so many cool paints good for toddlers. Put an old shirt from you or your husband cover the table in paper, give only two colors to work with and give it a try. She looks like she would love it!I know my 20 month old granddaughter does.

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