I've been making progress on many fronts - I am feeling very accomplished!
My Trellis & Vine sweater is now blocking. Holy chickens, wool holds on to a lot of water. The weather this week is predicted to stay really cold, so I would love to be able to wear this soon!
I'm a sweater!

Some detail shots:
Detail shots
Detail shots

I've also been giving my crockpot a chance to prove it is a worthy kitchen appliance. I'm apprehensive about diving in for a full meal still, so I made snacks and dip! From the Crockpot365 blog cookbook - Puppy Chow
Crockpot cooking
I think this one uses the crockpot in the slightest way possible - you pop in the chocolate chips and butter to melt, then it is a big enough dish to stir all the pieces together. However, I liked not having to worry about the temperature controls on my stovetop - I was able to wash dishes and do some other stuff while it melted away. I used Reeses PB Puff cereal (OMG, addictive), and the end result is quite delicious. And addictive. Even my picky husband says so (and I was nervous - he's not a huge fan of almonds, but the almond slivers don't seem to bother him too much. I don't think he noticed them.) One downside to this snack, apart from the addictiveness is that it is tossed with confectioner's sugar at the end and I find that a lot of that coating sticks to my hands and ends up under my fingernails. This is not a knitting friendly snack.

For the Superbowl, I made Bacon and Cheese Dip, also from the crockpot365 cookbook. Lucky for me I snagged a "Little Dipper" crockpot (I think it holds 2 cups) from a family member at a swap a few months / years back. I have no instructions for it, but it works.
Crockpot cooking
I wish it were just silver and black, but I'm not going to argue too much on that - free is free.
Crockpot cooking
That's early in the melting stages - we had bacon with breakfast and cooked up the rest of the package to use in the dip, but I'm sure you could use bacon bits too. I didn't have slices of cheddar cheese, but I had a cheddar cheese stick (good toddler snack) - so I broke one up and used that. You can't go wrong with bacon and cheese, but this was surprisingly good! Hubby, brother-in-law and my father-in-law all loved the dip! Great with chips, pretzels, etc.

Yesterday, since my sweater was blocking I felt the call of my next sweater - I swatched, as directed on US11 and US13 and was just not loving it and not getting gauge. Swatched on US10 I liked the fabric, so I'm doing something totally unlike me when it comes to knitting. I'm using the gauge I did get, did some math and will knit a different size (the XL) and that *should* work out. I'm nervous but so far so good, though I've only done half of the back.
New Sweater in Progress
I almost always get gauge or close. I don't deviate from patterns. This is a new knitting path for me.

I'm also working on a few test knits - a short sleeve sweater, which looks to be adorable, and a lace wrap - maybe you've seen it? Icing - it's a great pattern so far. I am using lace, actual lace - which I have only ever done once before in the Bat Shawl. So far it is really coming along, and I am expecting some excellent blocking magic, right now it's all squooshed up.
Close on Colors
This yarn has the most vibrant shades of purples and teals and grey - which I love, and it's a bit fuzzy - which I don't love. But I do love the backside of the knit - all those loops!
Backside of Lace
I think it slows me down because I keep stopping to admire the loops.

And what's Lorelai up to? Being fabulously herself.
Last Friday, on our way out to do errands, it was FREEZING cold and she wanted to wear her summer bucket hat and heart sunglasses. I think she pulls it off.

And then today, I came back inside from giving Jackson a bathroom break, and I see she has decided on wearing mittens and my Unoriginal Hat in the house. Necklace was her idea too. Luckily she agreed we should take a picture of this.


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Alison said...

Ooh, so many fun things in this post!...love, love the sweater—hate, hate waiting for blocking to be through—I'm always so impatient, I keep checking on my blocking knits every hour oh so. It looks like the wait will be worth it tho— it's gorgeous!
Yay for you!...and yay for new adventures in knitting!...sending good vibes and wishing the yarn fairies remain with you throughout your new sweater—it too looks to be lovely!
And your little one!...what's not to love, that girl has style!

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