That Doesn't Look Right (Until the End)

A recent test knit has been completed, yay! I worked on Icing by Samantha Roshak. I used Cherry Tree Suri Lace Alpaca, colorway is unknown as I have long lost the band. But it's pretty and totally my colors, blues-purples-grey. Aside from my bat shawl, this is the first project for which I have actually used lace weight yarn! I like the effect of lace in a slightly heavier weight yarn (more like a sock weight) and I think this would be a great project for a special skein of sock yarn as well. I used roughly half a skein, and in the end it measures about 12" x 60" (more on that in a bit).

I will say I have had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get a good photo of this particular object. I took a bunch and am going to run with them and if the inspiration fairy strikes later I'll revise my photos. So for now, I'll deal with a lot of "That Doesn't Look Right".

For instance, Jackson as a model, though the photo does show the fuzz factor of the yarn, pre-soak / block.
I am a tolerant model.

Also pre-block, the scarf was about 3 dachshunds long.
Roughly 3 dachshunds long

I was surprised to find after soaking the scarf, that the water was blue! I had no indication that would happen - no dye came off on my hand while knitting, and nothing was on the towels after blocking, so really no big deal, but it makes you stop for a moment and go, huh?
After a soak

This project has me seriously considering blocking wires (or a trip to the hardware store for a DIY version) - I had to block this in sections, and it was a pain annoying. Luckily, lace dries pretty quick. I used my metal knitting needles to help block it out - a tip I learned from Samantha back when I knit a little something last summer. For this type of project, it's not ideal, but it does get the job done. And when I'm wearing it around my neck, no one will really notice (unless my blog readers see me wearing it, please don't mention the blocking to me) :)
When I see this picture I think "Knitting. UR doin it wrong."

Now that it's all unpinned it's deliciously soft and airy and will be a great late winter into spring scarf, I love it. I do worry about catching one of the lace holes on anything, but that's my clumsy nature. I will try to be careful.
Holes in my work
Holes in my work, must be lace!

Trying to be fancy
I'm just trying to be fancy here. I think the chandelier in my dining room has potential.

On a person, wrapped roughly twice around my neck and there is still length for tucking in or whatnot.

In other knitting related events, I've managed to kill another sock. Lorelai has enjoyed looking at my heel poking through -
Dead sock
This is the first time I have busted through a heel. In fairness to the sock it was a different construction (this is bartholomew's sock from the Cat Bordhi sock book) and I think that may have contributed to some wear and tear. Since I've killed 3 pairs of socks in the last year besides this, and all those socks went out at the balls of my feet, not the heel, I'm confident in that assumption. Makes me second guess making more socks in that style of construction.

I decided to sign up for the Ravelympics, ambitiously of course, because I don't know how to do things like that any other way. My plan is "competition" in 4 events - Skelegurumi (have another baby toy to make), WIP Dancing (finish up my Seahorse) and 2 Sweaterboard Crosses. I am working on two shrugs for Romney Ridge Farm - one in a navy / blueberry - purple and one in a variegated cranberry-ish colorway (neither have labels, so I"m not 100% on the colors). This is my first time working with a DROPS pattern and I find it interesting that the pattern is only a paragraph! Not a problem if you know how to knit, but it keeps me on my toes - double checking my work. Right now, both bodies are done - they need a slight block and then seaming and picking up stitches for the edging.
Shrugs in progress
Each piece looks like a funky chromosome to me.

Here's half of my funky chromosomes - helping to cook some Annies for dinner.
Cooking dinner

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