Begin at the Beginning

SerenadeHello 2013! This new year was welcomed in quietly - we're finally recovering from a month's worth of germs.

For me, 2012 on the whole was a good year, but not an easy one. So much has changed with my children and I started working from home (in the yarn industry - I'm still pinching myself on that one). I'm quite pleased with my knitting and crochet projects this year. Even with the shift (and struggles) for available time for projects, in 2012 I finished 76 items. That includes 14 hats, 3 cowls, 1 pair of socks, 1 single sock, a snowman, a pair of baby booties, 1 shawl, 1 sweater for me, 1 sweater for Nate, 2 monsters, a Holy Handgrenade, 4 mermaids, 3 pandas, 2 zombie eyes, 1 cuff, 20 hexiflats and 17 samples! 76 is certainly a respectable number of items - not my best, not my worst. A personal resolution I made last year was to challenge myself to have a paid knitting job (preferably paid in money, but yarn is ok too!) each month - I met that goal in October!

I am unsettled and undecided yet as to what I really want to focus on in 2013. I had big plans to make it a very selfish knitting year as I really want new socks, a sweater, hat, and armwarmers, but life sometimes has other plans. I've already got a pile of UFOs to take care of and new items to plan for. The usual "knit the stash / work the queue" are in there as well. I also have several other intentions for the year. I know that I rarely stick to resolutions, so I'm choosing intentions - I mean well!

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