How was your weekend? This happened:
Broken needle

I snapped one of my needle tips off at the join while knitting on my current sample knitting job.  It figures. I probably should not be entirely surprised - I've used this particular set of interchangeable needles near daily for the last 3-4 years. As I have been working on this sweater I noticed I frequently had to stop to twist the needle tip back onto the cord. I was so fed up with it that I actually indulged in a bit of online shopping to order a new (different brand) of interchangeable needles, and then hours later, this happened!

 Needle jumble
I like the interchangeable needle sets because my circular needles tend to look like this most days:

A massive jumble.  I have tried needle cases before and I can't find one that I like. My needles always seem to end up back in this jumble.  Have you found a system that works?

Broken needle again!I replaced my needle so I could keep knitting while I wait for the new set to arrive. Guess what? It happened again! Different brand of fixed circular needle.  ARGH! I'm stepping away from this sweater for a few hours.  It is a plain stockinette sweater using worsted weight wool! I think I have just developed super knitting strength, which is obviously not what you think it will be. 


Anonymous said...

I use $1 pencil cases from Walmart. Each case has all my needles in that size. Fixed circs, DPN, and interchaingables. All the cases are in a plastic bin. Works great!

Grenadine Girl said...

I've learned that I have to have multiple needle cases for my various circular knitting needles. I have a lantern moon silk case for my metal circs, another lantern moon case for my old vintage circs, and an offhand designs case for my wood/bamboo circs.

Before that all my circular needles lived in a shoebox... that didn't work out so well.

Angela @ Knit Luck

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