Cheating on Resolutions?

Who hasn't? 4 days into the new year too - not too bad. But I don't know if it's cheating or not - help! I want to read more this year. Actual reading may not happen until the summer months. I do listen to books on my iPodMini (from Audible - which, by the way - if anyone is thinking of joining - use me as a reference! I'll be entered to win stuff). So the question is this: Do the books I listen to count as books "read" this year? Currently, I've got Julie & Julia, cute, based on this blog

I wore the rainbow scarf, which Jackson wore in the last photo, to school today - nice comments (including one, "This is handmade. I can tell. My grandmother made me a scarf for Christmas - it looks like tinsel!" Not sure how to take that) and because it's wool it was great for the static electricity experiment.

I'm working on another scarf, "My So Called Scarf" - I like the look, it makes a dense fabric, but I do not really like the stitch pattern - I can not get lost in it - do not get me wrong, it is simple enough to memorize (after knitting a few inches worth)...but it does not flow well for me. oh well, back to it now - it is still relaxing!


froggiemeanie said...

Yeah, I think audio books count. It's still somewhat literary and wayyy better than spending time watching TV, right?

Christine said...

I agree, I have no time to read and I can listen to the books while doing laundry, excercising, and most importantly...knitting!

Gracie said...

I think listening to a book instead of reading is totally acceptable. I think it is the easiest way, especially when you need your hands to knit!

Anonymous said...

I think audio books count. Plus, that way you can mult-task!

I've been wanting to read Jule & Julia - do you like it so far?

inspiredgoodness said...

hmmm...never tried an audiobook but wondering does the real Julie from Julie & Julia recite this one?

If so would love it! I'm currently reading too and loved the part with the live lobsters! Ha ha

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