Long Weekend Linkage / Edit

I have been meaning to post since Thursday, but time somehow slipped by. Firstly, I won Sharon's Contest - excellent! My entry was that I have earned my masters in chemistry (and will never ever do that again!) and something I would like to do is get a tattoo. I have been watching shows like Miami Ink and I am just so drawn in (no pun intended). I keep thinking maybe I would get something crafty-related / science related / nature related - like a ball of yarn in the middle of the atom model, or the ball of yarn as the middle of a sunflower / daisy... or I also like the idea of Picasso's Dog - simple enough, but it's a dachshund!!! How cool! We'll see. Maybe. I'm so wishy-washy on it.

I have grown to love the comic strip Mutts - Little Pink Socks!! Just adorable. I never really paid it much attention before, so I don't know if it is because I am a dog owner now or what, but it is very very sweet, check it out!
I also really like Pearls Before Swine - it's snarky.

There's a new cast-on (podcast) - yay!

I started a pair of Jaywalker Socks with some of Dani's Sunshine Yarns, so far so good.

Edited to say: Not so good. I was working on the socks, and have finished with the rib, started the zigzag pattern, realized I was making a mistake (I wasn't k-f/b, f-f/b) so my stitches were off. I started to back-track and undo my mistake when SNAP! one of the brittany needles I just got from elann.com broke! Bummer. I have contacted them about a replacement, but in the meantime it looks like I'll be using my susan bates...


--Deb said...

Mutts is cute, but my favorite? Pooch Cafe (http://www.sitstay.com/comics/) I just love that strip--Poncho reminds me of a four-legged Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes.

Sorry to hear about your needle--this is another reason I like the Magic Loop method for socks instead!

Anonymous said...

hey there,

been hanging out with mom all weekend. Had hoped to get more knitting done than I did. BUT I did get my portfolio done for my interviews next weekend.

Guess that is a good thing.

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