Early - C is for Ceilings / Thank You Godmother!

This week we were having our upstairs bathroom shower stall re-done with one of those "bath-fitter" type things. It looks really good and was mostly done on Tuesday, with final touch ups to be done on Wednesday. Wednesday morning, I took my shower and then came downstairs to eat before work. When we came downstairs, there was quite a flood coming in from the ceiling!! Apparently the bath fitter did not sauter something properly. Now, there is a lovely hole in the ceiling and you can see beams and pipes. Interesting, but not pretty. And then on Friday, it was leaking AGAIN!!! Groan. Next week our ceiling is being replaced courtesy of the bath people.

In knitting news I have picked up Shedir again. I have the chart upside down and instead of holding the cable in back, I hold in Front and vice versa. Kinda a lot of effort, but I think I'm starting to see the pattern.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I picked up one of these:

It is for ribbon / tape storage but I'm thinking that I will use it for sock yarn / needles! And it was on clearance, $2.99 - Score! (By the way, Snapware makes Yarn-tainers)

The mail arrived just as I typed this - my Fiber Fairy Godmother just sent me the coolest present! The White Tea Sampler from Adagio.com - White peach, tangerine, blueberry and tropics! Excellent!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jackson is absolutely enthralled with the pig's ear we gave him today - his first ever - he seems to really like it! They are not pretty to look at, that is for sure!


Catherine Kerth said...

sorry about the bath! eek! atleat they are fixing it... fiber fairy? that is really a cute idea! my dog loved pigs ears.. once dogs have one they crave 'em.

--Deb said...

Oh no! Water in the ceiling is NOT the way it's supposed to work! Yikes. . .

Dani said...

THat is so stinky about the ceiling. Our roof was leaking in the fall and it was just so stressful to deal with.

And, the pup pictures are some of the cutest I've seen in a long time. Wow!

Anonymous said...

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