Lazy Day

It's Sunday of a 3 day weekend, and today feels like a Saturday.

In my mailbox yesterday was a cute card Ina, my SP5, sent me some White Tea Teabags to try before I buy - Ina is the best! She was a super SP and has stayed in touch through comments and now RAOK - I hope I can be as good of a SP as she is! Thank you thank you thank you!

It's freezing outside so tonight for dinner we're having something very warm - beef stew. Specifically, Kraft's Food & Family Magazine Stew - I don't even like stew, yet I was drawn to that recipie - the magazine came on Friday! Hubby keeps commenting on how good it smells in here (our family room / kitchen are wide open spaces) - so I guess that is good :)


Catherine Kerth said...

i get that same magazine! i love a lot of their recipes in there ! enjoy your 3 day weekend, and keep warm!

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I love the magazine, too. It's got some really good recipes sometimes. Although I do have to change the 'can of cream of mushroom soup' ones to use a roux-based cream sauce.

But the first one I got had a 'lava cake' in it... mmmmm. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello my mellow SP friend

So interesting to find out who you are and what you like.I hope you don't mind I try to be anonymos so long as possible..

Your SP in another part of the world wishing you a Happy New Year

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