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I would love to attend the Maryland Sheep & Wool event this May, but I don't know if it is really do-able... Maybe. Probably something decided more along the last minute, but that's okay. I found there's a sheep and wool festival closer to home.
ideas here
Anyone been to the ones in New England?


Unknown said...

We don't get too many yarn shows in Australia. Hope you get to it and enjoy it. I love your adorable dog

Catherine Kerth said...

i think my knitting group is planong a trip to that festival... i know i won't beable to go :(

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Becca, for your eCard. I was out of town until recently and just read it tonight! So cute! Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Yup, I've been to the major fiber festivals all around New England. The small ones are CT and MA (Cummington). MA is bigger though not necessarily better and CT is growing. My favorites are NHSW (Mother's Day weekend) and Maine Fiber Frolic, second weekend in June. Rhinebeck (NYSW) is huge, as is MDSW, both to the point of overwhelming, but delicious.

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