Bogus Breakfast

Bogus Breakfast
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And it got worse from there. I love the 100 calorie packs of food - satisfying, yet keeps me in check. Muffins are my downfall. I was so excited by this - I was hoping for something like the Baby Goldfish but all I got was 2 regular minimuffins. Grrr.

And, at lunch, I tried one of thesetuna tubs - it tasted like tuna so that's okay, but I felt like I was eating cat food!

I'm trying a new recipie for dinner, so I'm a little nervous.

Knitting wise, I finished a pair of socks using the speed demon yarn, but I didn't measure the foot properly, so it's too short / tight! Groan. On football sunday I'll frog and redo. I want to start a new pair so badly - for socktopia and the sock marathon.

I'm also loving the malabrigo I'm using to make a malagaiter, but I hate the needles (Al Susan Bates)... Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

tuna tub? okay, that is a little strange. i just ge tthe little lunch to go things, they are my favrite. And onl a buck.

talk to you soon (se eya on Sat morning)

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