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Monkey Socks
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These are currently my favorite socks ever! They knit up really quick - I did the legs of each first and I really think that helped! The pattern (found on knitty.com) is great - I used Fleece Artist Basic Merino yarn in the "Rainforest" colorway - love it!! I also did them on two circulars, which for me really is fast fast fast!

Plus it helps that on Friday I didn't have school because it was too cold! So, I finished them up on Friday and wore them out on Friday night.

Two pairs of socks in a month, wow.


Emilee said...

Those look great! They're next on my list too.

Anonymous said...

These socks are beautiful. I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Great socks, I really love this pattern too. I've knit one pair and I'm sure will knit more. And it really does make it go faster knitting both legs first, doesn't it?

Ina said...

Beauteous socks! Funny, I was thinking of making the exact same pattern in the exact same yarn. Monkey see, monkey do!

Susan said...

Those are beautiful, and the shade of green is just gorgeous. I think that Monkey is just about the perfect pattern, too, and I will definitely be knitting more.

Petra said...

The socks look great. that's a really lovely colorway!

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