Work Rant

I'm a teacher. I teach middle school students science. For the most part I enjoy my work. Today, I don't. Rude rude rude behavior. Entitlement issues. Whining. Bad parents. Threats.

And all I can do? Repeat my directions again. Clearly. Calmly. Never let them see you cry. Today just sucked. And I'm at the end of my rope. I am not cut out for this nonsense. For the amount of positive feedback and interactions I do have I don't know if it's worth it to continue.

And I can see the side of things that it sucks to be a kid in middle school. Minority and economic issues aside, being a kid is no treat either.

I want to do something different, but am afraid that I will look to be the selfish one for leaving kids in need.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about how making the right decision for you would look to others.
But don't let one bad day get to you either. I don't know one teacher who hasn't had days like that.

If you did leave, what would you go and do? There are plenty of other ways that you could use your teaching skills I'm sure.

Good luck anyway.

dragon knitter said...

i am the mother of 2 middle school boys. one of which is having serious issues in science. you know waht? it's not her fault. and it's not yours. it's the kids. it's my son. he knows what he needs to do, and more than likely most of them do too.

i'm a parent who keeps in close contact with my sons' teachers. i email weekly to see what he's missing (he's not good at turning in work)

so keep doing what you're doing. us parents who know what turds our kids can be, appreciate you.

Life's a Stitch said...

I can commiserate, living with a 16 yr old boy. Sometimes I thin k he is oblivious to his rudeness, thinking himself funny. I can't believe what he says to his teachers. You teachers are angels. Is it boys more than girls? My girls were not like this.

I will survive this!

Ina said...

My sympathies! It's tough feeling like you have to decide whether you need a new job or a whole new career.

However that may be, I hope your administration and/or union, if you have one, backs you up and can provide resources for a constructive resolution in this instance.

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