Yay for Socks!

These socks I've decided I want to enter as my "Blue Monday" socks in the January "theme" for Socktopia - I flew through knitting these socks - amazingly! I was so stoked to be done, but I made one too short for my foot! This is the second time I have done this! Gotta learn to actually measure / try it on!! Anyway, in a great show of how my knitting confidence has grown - I unknit my mistake:

And fixed them with success! Dachshund approved.

I used the "Sell your sole" pattern and Speed Demon Yarn by Sweet Georgie (Berry Colorway).
However, I find that the heel bothers me some - not alot, but enough to know that I think I'll use a different heel next time. It kinda puckers, as Jackson points out:

I want to call these "Blue Monday" even though they are mostly reds / pinks / purples - that's like the fun of the weekend, and the subtle blue striping (and a little pooling) is the nagging feeling that you will have to return to work.

I don't really "get" myspace.com, but I am fascinated with it - today I found one of my friends from elementary school!


Kaitie Tee said...

Great socks! I don't think I get myspace either.

Anonymous said...

Such cool socks!! Great job. And I know what you mean about myspace - I have an account and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it!

Anonymous said...

I'm here from Jenn's blog. Congratulations on finishing your socks! They are a really fun color, esp. on gray days.

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