Me and My favorite scarf

Me and My favorite scarf
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This photo was taken in the car with my cameraphone. I took it so I would have proof of actually wearing hand-knitted items! Actually, I'm still at work now and am still wearing the scarf!

Doesn't it look like I'm daydreaming about knitting? I was listening to a knitting podcast.

Last night I finished one green sock (yay!) and completed the heel flap and turning-of-the-heel last night. Tonight I think I'll be working on the gusset. But, I have big dreams of organizing my stash by potential project - maybe over my Feb.vacation (can't come soon enough!), but that may prove to be too much. I am now convinced myself of the idea that I must make blankets as gifts! Use the cotton classic for one, noro for another, and the bags of yarn from the Hopyard Spinnery sale and third! Log cabin, mitered squares and maybe lizard ridge?? And, an Arwen Cardigan - I have an abundance of Berrocco Pleasure yarn in a beautiful blue.... Gah. Overambitious? me? Always.


--Deb said...

The scarf looks great

Anonymous said...

Thats a really lovely scarf.

Good luck with Arwen - it's a really great looking project.

Anonymous said...

Arwen is indeed beautiful. Have you looked at Rogue by Girl from Auntie? It's a very similar cabled hoodie. It was my first big cable project and while the pattern is 19 pages long, everything is spelled out for you so there are no real interpretation dilemmas.

Anonymous said...

Love those colors of your scarf! I like Arwen too - not sure if it would look good on me though. Maybe I'll just wait and see yours!

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