Monkey WIPs (and a rant)

I've been working on my next pair of socks, Monkey (knitty.com). Inspired by another blogger (whose name escapes me right now) I knit both legs first on this one. Now that I'm working on turning the heel, it seems like they'll be done in no time!

If you're feeling a hankering for a scary movie, given that New England is nothing but grey lately (though maybe there might be a glimpse of snow tomorrow morning??) we watched 2 really creepy movies this weekend. Stay Alive which while creepy was better than expected. And, scariest movie I have ever seen, The Descent. I am mildly claustrophobic, but this sealed the deal on me ever going spelunking (not going to happen).

I had today off from school, so I went out and did a little shopping. Target was fun, but offered less than I was hoping for. At Kohl's I found plenty on sale (yay) but when I got up to the register, the cashier did not offer a greeting, had me empty out my bag of items ("You take those out of there" seriously. she said that!) and kept complaining about how hot she was - I was buying a sweater, and she kept saying "I doubt you'll get a chance to wear this".... Grr. Then I went to CVS to make some reprints of old photos. I couldn't make a picture of a photo of my brother and I (circa 1985? 1986?) because it was some dumb Sears studio print. I understand the need and purpose of copyright, but, there are no more of these photos! And even if my mom could remember where / when the shot was taken, the chances that the photographer is still there is slim to none. I think there should be some exception on these sorts of photos. gah. /rant


Beth said...

Your day sounds a lot like mine. It seems that things were working against me with every errand/task I tried to accomplish today.

With regards to copying your photo - do you know anyone with a scanner? I imagine you could scan it and then print it yourself on photo paper. Just a thought.

Heide said...

I see someone beat me to the scanner suggestion... We have one, and it's a total snap to do, so you should drop your picture in my mailbox sometime and I'll have Josh scan it and email it to you. Seriously.

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