Ireland (Ring of Kerry & Skellig) - part 3

On Tuesday, we set out for the ~100 mile drive of Ring of Kerry - absolutely striking - beautiful! This included Gap of Dunloe and Macgillicuddy's Reeks - you don't usually think of Ireland as being "mountainous" - but it is quite rugged and rolling! At one photo stop you could hold a lamb! I missed out though, because my camera battery died! I had my camera on all day - you just want to photograph everything!! We did buy a disposable for a backup at a later pit stop. The only part we didn't like was the Skellig Experience...

We took a Jaunting Car ride through Killarney National Park with a very chatty and knowledgable driver :)

For dinner, we went to Hannigan's - I lucked out again with a good tortellini dish, and Dan struck out with whatever he got :) We strolled around a bit checking out a few pubs looking for Irish music. We heard a bit that was just instrumental, a bit of ballads, and then ended up at the hotel bar and talked with the bartender there.

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Anonymous said...

Is Hannigans the same place as the International Hotel, www.killarneyinternational.com. I was thinking of staying there, is it nice?

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