First off, big big big big thanks to my Lime & Violet Secret Sibling Pal - I think I know who she is (am I right, Melissa?) The box absolutely rocked!

There's a ton of sweets (all of which I have been craving! Couldn't find them on the trip!): jelly jolly ranchers, mike & ikes, peach rings, Sponge Bob Crabby Patties, cream savers, pralines...drool! Then there's a great selection of yarn - purple and white cotton (I'm big into the Mason Dixon baby bib's / burp cloths and other baby things now - perfect colors!!), thicker purple /magenta yarn for house socks (maybe thuja??) and Lisa Souza yarn (Red Devil!) awesome! The pattern is "Twist and Lace" - made to use with the Lisa Souza yarn - excellent! There's Burt's Bees goodies too and a chibi (don't have one yet!!) - so so very excited!! There's even a package of treats for Jackson! Thank you for spoiling me so very very much!!

Here's a short sample of Ireland:

Slainte! At the Guinness Storehouse.


Blarney Castle

Cliffs of Moher - my favorite!

At Blarney Castle - I swear this coat was made out of electric blue fun fur!


Melissa said...

How did you know? Did I sign the note? I've been known to do that before. Or, I guess the Louisiana thing could have given me away. Either way, glad you liked the stuff! Garrison was adamant about the Krabby Patties, so I hope they aren't too terrible. :)
From one science nut to another, hope you liked it all.
I've enjoyed reading your blog!

theatreknitter said...

the cliffs would definitly be my favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is your Knitterly Letter Swap Pal. Just wanted to apologize as I didn't get you letter out till last Sat. Hope it arrives soon! Looks like you trip was lots of fun!

Alcariel said...

Just wanted you to have another heads-up. I sent your MYB box this morning about 9 AM from Omaha. The post office lady said that it should get there by Friday! Happy unwinding!

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