Magic Yarn Ball Swap!

Thanks so very much to Alcariel!! This was an amazing swap to take part in - my first in one of this kind. Let me tell you, I will never look at a yarn "cake" the same way again - I had this attached to my ball winder so I could rewind as I unwound - man my arms got tired! The husband helped, the dog helped :)
So when I opened up the box, this is what I found:

A big ol ball of yarn, and a pattern for Stitch Diva's Simple Knitted Bodice and a pattern for a mini sock to go on the mini sock blocker keychain! :) And I can see Mike & Ike's too!
The unwinding began, and continued, and continued! There wasn't just one ball of yarn (Mountain Colors - gorgeous!!!) there was two! You can see the pinkish yarn in the photo below - that's "Meteor" - dyed by Miss Violet and spun by Alcariel, my pal! How cool? Also included were gummy rats (weirdly delish!), samples of "Soak" (been dying to try this!), Cream Savers, the mini sock blocker keychain with a knitted sock, and a little sock change purse (I may use this to hold stitch markers)...Wow!
I look forward to using (and eating) everything!!


Alcariel said...

Yay!! I'm so glad that you liked everything! The gummy rats were a really random find at a dollar store in Virginia. I saw them and couldn't resist. Happy knitting!

theatreknitter said...

okay, that is very cool.

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