Don't Ask a Dachshund

I've been working on my Roza's Socks - making good progress, thanks to time spent in waiting rooms yesterday -
Roza Socks (WIP) - two legs!
I've cast on 66 stitches thinking that I would need it for my big feet, but these seem like they will be very stretchy! Alcariel asked, and yes it is the yarn she spun for the Lime & Violet Magic Yarn Ball swap. I'm really loving it! So anyway, with the added stitches I need to think through the heel flap a little bit (even though I'm following the modifications of someone on ravelry), so I started the second leg to put off the thinking. I'm glad these are moving along, I've got the hang of the pattern, but knitting on teeny needles is starting to bother my hands.

I thought, why not start another project? Sure. Something big, on big needles (anything compared to toothpicks seemed like a good idea). I poked through my queue and found a cute scarf that seemed like it would work. I go get a ball of yarn to wind. And somehow, I screwed up in putting it on the swift -

Something is not right
I had three ends coming off the swift! And all kinds of loops. Whoops.

Jackson was no help:
Ignoring the problem

Until stuff fell on the floor, and he thought his mouth could help:
Sniff, what's this? Gnaw gnaw
Munch munch

I got a handle on it eventually (30 minutes later!!!) and ended up with 2 cakes. Jackson went back to sleep - can you see him?
Spot the bottom?
Close up:
Dachshund Tush

And then he thought he had earned the right to bark at the little girl across the street who was riding her bike - so he got the muzzle. I got dirty dachshund looks.
But, but,

After all that, I don't think I'm going to start the scarf. It's too hot.
Actually, weatherbug says it's 78 but feels like 82 - it feels like more than that!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictorial! - Your Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap pal

Maureen said...

The house next door to the place we rented while on vacation had a little dachshund - Heidi. She was absolutely adorable and my girls loved her. I suspect they might even have been willing to trade the beagle for her.

Your pics of Jackson are so cute!

Anonymous said...

What kind of muzzle does Jackson have on? Our doxie girl tends to bark more when we are visiting friends that find her barking annoying, so something to be used for occasional use would be great.

Life's a Stitch said...

That dog has the most interesting positions. Love the chair photo above - it says it all.

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