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I finished off the Baby Tart / Berry Tart hat before we left for PA. I made the smallest size and am glad that I did because those bobbles were driving me nuts once I figured them out. It's not a tall tart, but it's cute. Hopefully when it's on my sweetie pie it will fit and be way cuter than either of these models:
My dcuk, Elvis:
Berry Tart Hat 1

Berry Tart Hat 2

We made an IKEA run last night. I got a desk - love it! I haven't really had my own desk since grad school. Now there are no excuses for my clutter on the kitchen table - it should all be contained in the desk!
My desk

I also picked up this really neat bag - canvas, with a front pocket - $4!
new bag

Today, knitting on some stuff for swaps I think....


Life's a Stitch said...

Very cute hat, but I'm not sure I'd have the patience for it. The strawberry hats are about all I've managed.

theatreknitter said...

you can't call it a Pie!!! it's a baby, not a pie!!!
miss you

Jennifer said...

I tried to make one of those Tart hats last winter, but it drove me batty! Yours is adorable--and brava for getting through it. :)

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