What a blah day. I got a bit of knitting done - and caught up on netflix movies - ones that have been sitting here and Dan didn't want to watch them. I watched Babel first. Wow. Visually impressive and overall heart-wrenching complex story. I really liked it. I had started "Shrug This" from the One Skein Wonders book. I actually had the exact yarn in my stash, how often does that happen? This was a very quick knit - and I'm pleased with the results...
Shrug (FO!)

It's cute from the back:
Shrug Back

But I will never wear this. What can I do with it? Swap it? Donate it to a charity? Think it would fit a 4-year old girl? (I might be able to pass it on, but I feel a little weird about that one, like I'm giving this kid a grown-up castoff)
Shrug Front

Oh well. Call this one a process is more important than the finished project?

The second movie of the day was The Queen - another excellent movie. I've been working on my Pick Up Sticks Sushi Wallet Kit - I've had it for over a year, started it and hadn't brought an extra needle with me in the car ride when I started it, so it was hibernating. Seems to moving along quickly.

There were local sales this week in town. I caved at the baby store and bought some clothes for the lil'butterball.
Baby clothes
I now understand the difficulty of not knowing the baby's gender when one wants to go shopping!! Oh well. It did keep my spending in check :) A little bug hat / top set and a second top and a plain long sleeve onesie that I'll embroider or do something fun too (hopefully...I did pick up some iron on transfers at Michael's a while back...)

I've started another pair of socks too - Roza's Socks using the yarn from the Lime and Violet Magic Yarn Ball Swap - this yarn is so subtle in it's color changes - I love it, and I am loving the fact that these pinky-purple-grey are not my usual color choices too! However, I'm knitting it on the tiniest needles! Seems to be taking a while.
Roza's Sock (WIP)

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Alcariel said...

Ooooohhh....pretty! Is that the stuff that I spun!?! Wow! It just looks so different once it's knit up.

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