Vacation-land (photo-heavy)

In the end, I decided to bring along the current pair of socks and the "Hope&Donald" scarf and knit very little on each. Oh well. It was still a fun trip! We left on Sunday morning and started to make our way to the Berry Patch BNB. We stopped in Easton, PA for fireworks and the Crayola Factory - what a cute place! (For much of the information that the factory provides, you can also read about it on wikipedia - check out the video down under trivia!) I tried to take pictures with my current sock in progress everywhere and then promptly forgot to take pictures with the Loopy Ewe postcard - I'll have to play tourist here at home...

Me & the sock & Craolya Crayon

Crayola State Colors - Connecticut's is Nutmeg!
State Colors

"Retired" Colors - too bad, I miss lemon yellow!
"Retired" Crayolas

I want this poster - "Exercise muscles gym class can't" - AWESOME!
Exercise muscles gym class can't

We arrived later on Sunday at the Berry Patch - it was so cute! And quiet! And restful! We had our own little cottage, so it was more like being at home and not really at a hotel. There were many animals just walking around and the food was so good! Bunny is a sweetie and the Strawberry Jam and Honey Mustard sauce is sooooo good!

On Monday we were off to Hershey.

We took the Chocolate World Tour

Here's the sock & the cows who sing about the milk making all the difference!
Sock & Singing Cows

The Sock & Hershey Kisses
Sock & Hershey Kisses

Me, the sock and Mr.Reeses
Me & Sock & Mr.Reeses

At ZooAmerica we saw some familar animals and animals from other parts of North America.

My favorite was the prairie dogs
Prairie Dogs

And who knew, porcupines can be found in trees?!
Porcupine in a tree!

We both were pampered at The Spa @ Hotel Hershey - ooh, la, la - this was very fancy dancy!

On the way home we stopped at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk hoping to catch a cool IMAX. We passed on seeing "Greece" and just went for the aquarium instead. It's a neat aquarium as it focuses on the animals / aquatic life found in/around Long Island Sound

"Friendly" Seals
Hugs? Mating?


Me & Sock & Open Mouthed Fish
Me & the sock & the open mouth fish


Turtle Swim By

It was a real quick trip but felt enough like a real vacation. And Dan took the rest of this week off too so we've been getting stuff done around the house and just kicking back. It's all good.

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theatreknitter said...

seriously, if you were in easton, you were minutes from me.

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