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I did finish one of my "Go with the Flow" socks, but haven't taken a photo yet - lately my feet have been too hot!! And I didn't immediately cast on for the second sock, so my summer of socks is starting to lag a bit. But it is for a good cause. My mom's mom is currently going through radiation / chemo treatments for breast cancer and has lost her hair. I wanted to make her a hat - mom said that Gram preferred hats with a brim, as opposed to a beanie style. If there ever was a time I wish I could crochet, this would be it! We're going to see my grandparents on Sunday (hopefully) at a family function, so I made it my mission this week to knit up some choices for Gram.

First, I tried the Chicknits Bucket Hat. I don't for sure what size Gram's head is so I am hoping the fit is okay - it's snug on me, but I've got super thick hair...
Bucket Hat

Then I tried the Floppy Brim Chemo Cap
"Floppy Brim" Chemo Cap

I'm not crazy-happy about either of them. I think Gram will be pleased with the thought behind the hat even if she doesn't like either of the actual hats. These hats were also touch because I wanted them to be soft...

Yesterday on ravelry, I found the Witterings hat which looks perfect! But I don't think that I could possible knit that in time for Sunday. And as yarn options go - I think I would be using either Caron Simply Soft (in a grey and white, which I'm not 100% okay with - wouldn't it be drab?) or Classic Elite Flash (in Clementine - an orange / yellow mix...don't know that gram would dig those colors). So I decided to stick with the two I've got and then started working on a baby hat - those go quick! I'll be finished tonight!

And how in the world did I suddenly get to a queue that is 4 pages?!?!?! That's 94 projects! And that's just things I've come across online / on ravelry / not all the books!! Wow.

Jackson has been enjoying summer with me around. He's quite content to lounge on the couch:
Couch dachshund
or keeps watch at the window for bunnies and birds and chipmunks that taunt him:
Keeping watch


Laurie said...

The chicknits bucket hat looks different on you than the picture of the site/link. I think I like yours better, personally. Great color. I have to agree, though, that the Witterings hat is amazing.
I am less than 500 away from being added to Ravelry. Can't wait.

KnelleyBelley said...

Hi - I've stumbled across your blog and I'm enjoying it. I just read this post and wanted to let you know that your hats for your grandmother are beautiful. I went through breast cancer treatment and lost my hair. I hated my helmet-like wig and wore hats all the time. I had a few chemo caps, but they were silly, furry things. Your hats are so pretty and I'm sure your grandmother will be happy to wear them. Wish her the best from me - a member of the club she never wanted to join. - Kelley

PS - I went to see the Yarn Harlot, too. Love her! Was so glad I went.

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