Socks! (it's still summer right?)

Yay! I finished the "Go with the flow" socks :) I used Reynolds Sea Wool yarn, 2 skeins, and really enjoyed this pattern. It was pretty easy to memorize / see as it happened (although if I knit it at night I tended to get sleepy while working on it), and overall fairly quick. They would have been done sooner if I hadn't stopped everything to work on hats for Gram. I'm so proud of the heel flap / gusset - I'm getting better!
Go with the flow socks Go with the flow socks II

As far as the hats go, Gram really liked the Chicknits bucket hat - it looked cute on her. The "Floppy Brim" hat really wasn't floppy or with much of a brim, even on her head without hair. It was given back to me with "You could add to the brim right?" Sure Gram. Anything for her, I'll try it.

I finished a baby hat, from Leigh Radford's One Skein book. This hat was really quick and easy and I love how it came out. I'm hoping that it will actually fit my baby's head - only time will tell I guess. Till then Opus is getting quick a wardrobe.
One Skein baby hat

What to knit next? I could be working on the baby blanket, the Hope&Donald scarf, or any of the other projects that are hibernating in one of my bags upstairs. OR I could try to pick something from the 4 pages I've got on ravelry. Hrm.


theatreknitter said...

give my love to your gram, and the rest of the Fam.

luv ya, see you soon

JenniferB said...

these are splendid socks! just visiting from knitters virtual vacation!

Laura said...

Your socks look great! I love the colour too.

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