Crossing off that List (still checking it twice)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we had my parents over for dinner. Works out well for us - the Lorax is in her own space, I've got some go-to / reliable recipes, and my mom gets treated :) I had made a pair of Holiday Mice, a Fuzzy Mitten pattern.
Mice! Mice!

They were relatively quick, great for stashbusting (I used an assortment of wool/acrylic scraps) and the end result "Ooooooh. (Smile smile.) Bec you made these?" was entirely worth it. They stand up with some propping, though I noticed a Mousie project on Rav where the knitter used nuts for the bottom to help weigh him down, great idea!

I also made "Rolo Turtles" after seeing the recipe online at the Eat At Home blog. They are quick, easy and delicious! I will certainly make them again - and I will probably need to, because I know they will not last long! Rolos is not a candy I pick up often or notice out in the store, but I did find a bag of them at Stop and Shop!
Rolo "Turtles"

I finished another knit gift yesterday too. Yesterday was really busy. So, I present (hah!) Koolhaas hat, another BrooklynTweed design, and total win. This is for one of my cousins (I don't think this particular cousin reads the blog), yarn is Ella Rae Amity - a wool / acrylic blend - sproingy and warm. I actually want to knit this again - and plan to - at least one for Dan, me and the lorax as well! I made the large size and it is big - I had to fold up the brim on me, and it is as big as my hand.
Something clicked for me while knitting this pattern - maybe it was the use of the LC / LPC / RPC abbreviations with the cables in the chart, but this chart made complete sense to me (even as a lefty) and it obviously worked, so I'm looking forward to more cable work, as soon as possible!

Today is a lay low day - we need to do a quick grocery errand, but otherwise I've got a full day ahead for a bit more knitting!


Crochetlocket said...

such good ideas from this post! wow!
YOU have been real productive! Love the mice.
Rolos happen to be a fave of mine!!
YUM YUM - I have seen the same with hershey kiss - however this looks even more splendid - with bonus CARMEL!! yum yum!!!
The koolhaus is great! I am wondering- is it soft enough to get a slouch effect if recipient doesnt want to roll the brim? hmmm...

Heather said...

I loved knitting Koolhaas, as well. It's a fun quick pattern and makes you look like the most fantastic knitter ever. Bravo on the mice, too, btw.

Peaceful Knitter said...

I love the wee hats on the mice!

theatreknitter said...

i knew you would love knitting koolhaas, and want to knit it over and over and over and over.

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