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Since the beginning of December, the Lorax has spoken up frequently about the sun being in her eyes. She has learned to look the other way and that makes it mostly all better. During a quick errand trip today I spotted kids sunglasses on sale - and while she said no to them in the store, I bought them anyway. One pair that looks like mine / Dan's, and this pair, with The Little Mermaid (I am more open to Ariel than the Disney Princesses - after all Lorelai is a mermaid of Germanic legend). Anyway, at home I cut off the tags and left them sititing out. She put them on (upside down at first, then she figured it out) and kept them on for 20 minutes. Score!

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Anonymous said...

i love the name Lorelai. David and I saw Lorelai everytime we went to Germany (which is only twice). I have couple bottles of wine from th winery there also.

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