Snowflakes & Teardrops

We woke up to 10 to 12 inches of snow around here - it's quite pretty. A good day to stay inside, knit, have hot chocolate (with Marshmallow Fluff!) and snuggle with the pup. After talking up the many many layers Lorelai needed to wear before going outside today, we made progress in actually getting her dressed. Sort of. She let me get her dressed, but when it came to the hat / mittens, oh the tears. It was the sort of scene that I wish we had a video camera for to put it on YouTube, then we could re-do it each year (along the lines of the Raisin Experiment, which I also want to do)

Year 2 for the purple hat!
I did win on the hat though - it's the Toasty-Topper hat I made back in January. - So glad it still fits. Love the tie portion, she can't pull it off! Didn't win on the mittens (need to find a pattern for mittens that a 2 year old will keep on!) but she was good about putting her hands in her pocket, until she fell in the snow and then the waterworks were back in full force.
One of my new favorite photos:
Winter Walk

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Aww, so cute!

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