Two Tops

It's so icky out today - I tried to "shovel" the front walk a bit and it really was just pushing slushy water to the side. Weather reports say snow is coming maybe tomorrow and later on in the week / weekend so maybe I'll actually get a proper action shot of Lorelai in her newest hat.

Toasty Topper - knit with Ella Rae Classic in a purple-grey color, it's quite warm and even seems snug on her head - it did stay on when she pulled at it (mostly). If she's distracted by the snow / cold / wind it just might work.
Strike a Pose
Look at that she already knows how to pose.

This is my head. Or, Mom, why am I wearing a hat inside?

Costume Change!
"Amelie" is finally done. I bought the yarn and book for this project back in December 2007, Lorelai was weeks old. I planned to make the 6 month size, figuring I would be done before she outgrew it. I just made it. She's 13+ months now and can wear this as a top I think.


This FO doesn't count in any of my yardage counts - it's been finished with the knit part for a long while - just needed the buttons. And the hat (while it counts for yardage) only used up ~0.8 of the skein so I'm trying to decide if I will count that as a ball used up or not. It does count towards a new challenge I've got. Hats.

So, I'm challenging myself (not Knitting A Long with anyone. Challenging myself, there is a difference) to the following:
Knit 100 balls from the stash (so far: 1 / 100 unless I decide the Topper hat counts)
Participate in the LimeNViolet 2009 Sock Marathon (Goal: Knit 2 miles, starts in February.)
52 Hat Challenge (so far: 2 / 52)

I've got my own little cheerleader, how bad could it be?


Anonymous said...

That hat is just adorable, or maybe it's the model?

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Anonymous said...

Breanna here!

I sent you an e-mail with all of my information. Thank you for hosting a blog contest. If you need to contact me you can e-mail me at teachloveread at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!

theatreknitter said...

Love the Amile, may have to think about that one. It is really cute.

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