Hat & Hoodie

Finally, I can blog about the hoodie project I worked on for LornasLaces - did you know they are expanding their colors to the Green Line - that's their organic merino wool. I was provided with some of the worsted weight in the "Beverly" colorway, which is just stunning! It was great shades of blue-grey-green. It was wonderful to work with - the sample I knit for them the "Little Cable Hoodie" by Gardiner Yarn Works (details on my ravelry project page) What a fantastic pattern! I love love love this pattern and will make it again, as I was very sad to ship this off. On to the photos!




I was a bit stressed about sewing in the zipper. It really wasn't bad once I got going on it - however, I did make a bonehead mistake. I bought an "all purpose" zipper, not realizing I should pay attention to the zipper style - so I had carefully sewn in a bag style zipper and I needed a jacket style zipper. In the end, not a big deal, and I have learned my lesson.

A few more close-ups:
IMG_6964 IMG_6966

I'm noticing a trend lately - seems like most of the projects I've got on the needles or recently finished involve cables in some form. Love them. 2009, the year of the cable.

I finished up a Capitan Hat, (my ravelry details)
Capitan Hat
Cute. I'm already wearing it now and plan to for the rest of the day (I have hat head hair. oh well). It's warm and I really like the yarn I used - Berroco Cuzco - so wonderfully squishy!

My favorite part aside from a)This is a really quick knit, b)Uses less than one skein of yarn, c)has cables - is the buttons!
Coconut button - 365.22
Coconut buttons, found with the yarn (on separate occasions!) at The Yarn Basket.

So, that makes Hat #4 in the 52 Hat Challenge and 1 more ball of yarn used up. I need to go back and check on the # of balls out of 100 I've done. I've decided that the ball will be considered "used up" if I have less than 50 yards of yarn left over.


Anonymous said...

Cute FOs! I particularly like the hat. Did you have to put something in the brim or is all knit?

cici said...

I love them both. I want to try a zipper next time for my CPH.

theatreknitter said...

bec they are both fantastic. I now know why you didn't want to send the sweater back.

Brena said...

Cute buttons! You did a great job on both projects. The zipper looks good, I had no idea that the type mattered either. I'll have to keep that in mind for a future sweater!

Anonymous said...

The hoodie is so cute. Love that hat! I've never been a hat person, but that hat makes me want to try. Looks so good on you.

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