Cocoa Swap Recipe Assignment

Today is a really good day for Hot Chocolate, I think. Especially now - it's later on in the afternoon, the sun is not out at all, there's lots of clouds - everything is snow covered from the latest snowfalls... The Cocoa Swap "assignment" for the week is to post a hot chocolate recipe. Generally I just use the packets from the store, so I don't have much in the way of a recipe to share... but I went googling and I found several things I would like to try!

I really would like to make my own marshmallows - FamilyFun Recipe, AltonBrown's Recipe and of course, MarthaStewart's Recipe. Might as well give Martha's Hot Chocolate a go too!

How cute is this Hot Chocolate Mug Cake?!

Isn't this Hot Chocolate Jug nifty?


Anonymous said...


I've sent you an email to confirm your address.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Holly said...

Lots of different ways for cocoa.

Anonymous said...

I sadly missed the inauguration today... :-( I had to work this morning and then was unable to get to any news coverage later. I plan to see what I can get on the news tonight after the kids in bed. I love all your links.. I've made homemade marshmallows... it's really not that hard! :-) I've done Martha's recipe and a few others... I love your other links too.. I'm gong to do those cakes... mmmm :-)

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