In the past few weeks it's been, pardon my New England, wicked cold here. So cold that I get all chicken about going out into the cold with the Lorax. She's got a great hat and is all bundled up when we go out, but she didn't have any mittens. I improvised once and stuck socks on her (hopefully she won't look back on that as a "bad mommy" moment).

I made her the largest size mittens (12 months / 6.75") from the Natural Knits for Babies and Moms book - the yarn is the untagged find from a Farmhouse Yarn bin sale. It's leftover from the flap hat / fingerless mitt set I made my cousin for Christmas. Purpley-black, great to match Lorelai's hat and jacket.

IMG_7066 action shot
so big!  365.26

She might be ready for thumbs though, she knows how to get these mitts off!
I can take them off!

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Anonymous said...

She loves them!

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