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Kool Aid Dyeing Experiment.

When I went grocery shopping the packets of Kool Aid caught my eye. And two packets of Strawberry jumped into my cart.

I have two skeins of yarn in my stash, that I got in a swap a long time ago. The colors (mostly blues) are totally me, but there's a spot (or two or three) of gold-ish / brown that just wasn't totally me. No tags on it, so I'm not really sure of what it is even. Seemed like a good subject on which to try the Kool Aid. I was hoping that red + blues = purples of any shade.

I quickly read up on the tutorials for this from knitty.com and knitpicks.com (.pdf file). I scanned other knit-bloggers too. But mostly I jumped right in, pretty much against all my science background / training - I didn't follow any exact procedure. But I did document!

Here's one skein, soaking in some roughly room temperature tap water.
KookAid dye experiment KADE

Here's the strawberry kool aid and the still soaking yarn.

When I moved the yarn to the Kool Aid, I noticed something surprising. The water the yarn was soaking in was now blue! Interesting, though I don't know (or care much) if it impacts this K.A.D.E.

After 4 or 5 times under microwave action (2 minutes each), the water was getting to the pink-ish side of "clear" (though, in my opinion, when they say "Clear" "Colorless" is implied. The water was "clear" to begin with. end science-nerdy-rant) and currently I'm letting it cool before I rinse it and then find someplace to hang it to dry.

After a rinse, hanging on a hanger in the laundry room overnight....
K.A.D.E results
Love. It's more reds / purple-ish that are rather berry-like. Fantastic!

Now I'm out of Kool Aid, so I need to decide if skein #2 will also get a Strawberry Bath or if I should try another color.


thatissocute said...

oh...now you make me want to start dying! Let's see...can I take on one more new thing?

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Now . . . whatchagondowidit?

Nutty Brunette said...

That looks so easy and turned out gorgeous! Can't wait to see what creation you turn it into.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool!

Ina said...

Very pretty! I love the raspberry swirl vibe.

theatreknitter said...

we really think too much alike sometimes, I am thinking of doing this with some orange yarn that I have. maybe purple, or bluberry. Or maybe doing the red.

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