It's been a long (and short week). Betsy is in town, so we went out on Tuesday for a Yarn Crawl. We shop very differently than we used to - I think it's our experience now (and budgets, whatever.)

Our first stop was to Sit'n Knit in Wethersfield - we especially love "The Bridge" - though we didn't have any real finds for what we were looking for. I picked up a skein of yarn needed for my Cocoa Swap Pal and that was it. We moved down to the shoreline to go to Saybrook Yarn - saw plenty there that I liked and picked up multiple times, but I held back. I had a gift certificate to Madison Wool - love love love that shop! Michelle, the owner, is so sweet and friendly. And she has more yarns from those smaller farms (local and New England-wide) - fantastic! I used my gift certificate to pick up two skeins of Catalina baby alpaca (OMG, it's so soft!) that will be made into a neckwarmer for me. I also was won over by this:
Jarbo Garn Duo"
Jarbo Garn Duo
It's acrylic, but a very nice soft not squeaky acrylic! 300+ yards, $10 a skein!! That caught my eye and then while pondering what I could make with it, we spotted a shop sample for a knit jacket - the actual pattern for it is not all that great - in that the pattern / colors don't really show the sweater jacket, but the sample knit up a variegated yarn / no pockets / cute toggles / looks really great. I was good and swatched.
Jarbo Garn Duo
I was thinking about it last night though, and I'm hesitant about making the jacket. I don't know that I'm really going to wear it - I just think it's going to be way too bulky / boxy for me. I'm sitting on it for the moment. I have let my eye wander about on ravelry for a sweater or pullover that I could use. But wonder still about the color.... Brown Betty, Buttony... opinions welcome....

For Christmas Dan bought the Lorax and I sheep shirts - mine is long sleeved with the design on and L's we put on her yesterday -
It's from Cabled Sheep - cute, right?

Stay warm today! I'm planning on not leaving the house - it's too cold, especially with a little one. It would be fantastic if I could get the sleeves for my CPH done.

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Anonymous said...

Your yarn crawl sounds like fun. Pretty yarn! I think the Buttony sweater is so pretty, but not for everybody. You, however, would pull it off nicely! The Brown Betty is nice, too though. Decisions . . . decisions. Lorelai is such cuteness in that t-shirt!

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