Something is not right.

Figures. I profess my love for cables and they turn on me (pun intended. Groan.)

After yesterday I was a bit at a standstill with my projects. I need to block the pieces of the Central Park Hoodie (hopefully today), I finished one mitten and it's a pay attention sort of pattern (not the best for SnB), I'm waiting for Feb.1 & the LimeNViolet sock marathon to start before doing anything with sock yarn (though it would be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a HUGE list of socks I want to knit, plus the ipod mitts that were on the Chum. It was almost time for SnB and I needed a project.

I rediscovered some cashmere Dan gave me and thought it would be a treat for me to knit up an Evangeline Cowl - I have long admired the fingerless mitts and think the cowl is gorgeous. Plus, cashmere makes everything better - and the pattern (even with the pay-attention-cables) with the yarn at SnB would be ok.

In the hours I was at SnB I made it through 10 rows. And it's not good.
Evangeline Cowl
It's all me, it's no fault of the pattern or the yarn. I'm a lefty. When I knit cables, I know I need to hold the needle in back when instructed to hold in front and vice versa. Big Cables apparently are ok.

(Cable Close-Up)
Cable close-up
It's the little cables in the middle that throw me. Some of these were one stitch on the cable needle / hold in front or back and purled. That's where it's not working. I suppose I could just do a little swatch and play with it. I should do that. I had started a sweater for Lorelai (Ziggy - ravelry link) back in June and stopped because the same thing happened. The cables were not looking right. There are too many cables I want to knit!!


Catherine Kerth said...

the cowl is beautiful! keep going! can't waitto see it as an FO.... this color is perfect for those cables....really shows them off!

Anonymous said...

I really feel for you. I'm a lefty too, but I knit right-handed. I think if I did it left-handed I would have to rewrite the pattern with all the changes for myself in order to follow it. It looks great, though. I love cables too.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I feel your pain.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam a lefty and I knit right handed because all the patterns are written that way.When I first started knitting I had a paper bag with handles on it and I wrote on it (when picking up your project make sure your working yarn is on the right hand side of your work) because otherwise I would knit the wrong direction;)What about finding a pattern on ravelry with mock cables?Hugs Darcy

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