I resolve...

The resolutions post.

I always make resolutions. I don't often keep them. I've been reading a lot of blog posts of other people's resolutions (or not as the case may be.) And those are just 3, there are so many blog posts I read where everyone is so optimistic for 2009 - I think it's more so that any other year I remember, or maybe I just didn't pay attention then.

Last year I came up with a list - and even that has been changed. I'm working my way through my 101 things, but I wouldn't feel ready to take on the new year without a few resolutions to keep in mind (and some of these may end up on the list.)

*Totally copying Donna - Appreciate More. Acquire less. Aspire higher. Short and sweet and to the point.

*Stop buying the junk candy. I rant and rave about high fructose corn syrup, but I cave for a box of Mike&Ike's, Runts, Swedish Fish, Jelly Beans.... Maybe once in a while for a special occasion or a movie. But seriously, those dollars would add up.

*Exercise more - a perpetual resolution. The Wii Fit at least makes it fun.

*Knit something for my in-laws. I've cycled through my family: grandmothers, parents, brothers, future-sister-in-law, aunts, cousins, daughter and husband - and nothing for my mother / father / brother in law. I should be able to come up with three knit gifts for them.

*I won't be joining any real knit-alongs - I tried a few last year and they just didn't work out. My Mystic Light shawl is still on Clue#3, I withdrew from HatAttack. I'll knit what I want, when I want, at the pace I want.

*Knit 100 balls of yarn from the stash. I talked about this at SnB - what makes a ball? I'm figuring it's one hank / skein / ball of yarn. I don't have any sweater hanks, so I don't have to worry about the uber-balls of yarn. I'm also considering the idea of my own "Yarn Bank / Savings Account" - I'll save the yarn labels - each label is $1 I can spend... or something like that - still mulling that one over.

*Keep up to date with the KnitMeter. Count all yarn for a finished project (My first entry will be the sweater I finished knitting on 1/1/09! Yay - however, it's a model knit for Lorna's Laces and I can't show it off until after their show!). I'm very curious to see far I can "travel" in my knitting at the years end!

*Complete a few swaps. I didn't do too many last year - I miss swapping! I got a little burnt by a few swap-bot swaps (I honestly feel in a few of them people were looking to unload junk or didn't bother to find out what I liked.) I've already signed up for Cocoa Swap'n 2 - thanks to Jenn for pointing it out.

*Be more active in commenting on other people's blogs. I've got a ton of them in GoogleReader, but consistently comment at a handful. Comments are great!

All resolutions are subject to change at any point in time given this blogger's whim.


Anonymous said...

I like your yarn bank/savings account idea. I don't think I could do it, but it's a nice thought!

alh said...

Sound like good resolutions to me. Thanks for that knitmeter link. I just signed up.

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