Sock Count (contest results) & another "misfire"

I've counted and sorted and am considering my queue & library for sock patterns - I've got 58 skeins in that box - Ikkinlala was the closest with 57! You win the book since your guess was in first - I've sent you an email - look for it! and Breanna guessed 58! I couldn't find your email on your blog - drop me a line at nutmegknitter AT gmail DOT com please and we can get your prize on it's way to you!

Wow. So yeah, I don't need any sock yarn this year I guess. Even if I could do something like the 52 pair plunge that still wouldn't use up my yarn! :) Maybe that's ok. I really want to make more socks - Obviously I have a great collection started, and some of my older handknit socks are showing wear.

I knit up a hat last night - the baby hat from One Skein - I used up a skein and a little bit more of this great Cascade Cotton Rich - I used #3686 - it's like a hot pink with one strand of a purple in there - very pretty. The downside is, the hat came out way bigger than the 12-18 month size I thought I was making. It's still cute and functional though - it's a charity hat. Someone will love it (I hope).
Baby Hat
Here mom

I took this photo the other day - someday I hope she'll look forward to helping me with the knitting - how awesome would that be if I can get Lorelai to wind yarn for me?!
Start 'em Early


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I made the same hat and it was super big too. Just thought I would comment because my little boy F is the same age as Lorelai and he loves the ball winder too :) Only last night I found some mashed potatoes smeared onto the handle of mine 'cause everything still goes in directly in the mouth!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I was w-a-y over on the count. Looked like a whole lot more than that!

Lorelai is going to be hanging out with us at SnB soon. I can tell!

Pretentious Wombat said...

I almost never have to use my ball winder because I have two girls who will practically knock each other down to use it for me! Wait until she gets a little bigger and you'll see.

Jenny said...

Love the socks in hand!!

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