I was off for a girls weekend with my Memorable Women up in Massachusetts on Saturday. I have one of those quote frames that truly sums us up, along the lines of "We may not see each other often enough but our friendship is a never ending conversation."

We had time outside at Halibut Point State Park.
Tidal pool

There were dogs:
Jet, the enormous golden-doodle
Martin, theatreknitter's pug
(and Annie, but I didn't get her photo)

There was yarn:
A "crazy zauberball" in magenta / pink / red - also a gift from Theatreknitter. I decided to go outside my comfort zone - thinking about a stripey Citron or (more likely) the Simple City by Eskimimi - what perfect timing!! Also interesting timing was being in Seed Stitch and meeting other Ravelers! And Ravelers that are my friends, not just other people using ravelry!

And if being around yarn, dogs, an adorable 2 year old and friends weren't enough to make me feel right at home, there was the little message from home that I was loved:

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theatreknitter said...

Don't know what kind of person I would be without all of you. It was an awesome weekend.I hope that you get to come up again soon. lots to do for everyone (lorax and dan included)

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