Memorable Women

Concert time! 3 of my best friends and I decided to attend Lilith Fair when it came through Hartford. Of course I had to consider what knitting I would bring! I settled on a "plain vanilla" sock following the cheat sheet from the Yarn Harlot. For the yarn, I used my new Memorable Women yarn in the "Agatha Christie" colorway. It seemed the most appropriate - listening to Memorable Women show their talents in the company of Memorable Women.
I cast on the cuff and knit two rows the night before so I would be all set to go. Here are my girls and the sock, waiting for the lawn to open up.

On the lawn, with a refreshment. This was after Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles played - they are both adorable. Love their stuff. Ingrid did a great version of "Poker Face" and "Toxic" and Sara did "Single Ladies", and I especially loved her song "Fairytale" about the princesses.

The real draw for us was seeing the Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan. This is the fourth time I've seen Amy and Emily and it was so great again! I only wish their set was a little longer. I have to say though, that I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient and on time this concert was!

Links to stuff on YouTube (I love finding this stuff - I was actually there!!)(sound is not so great some, turn the volume down and it's better)
Because the Night covered by all the performers, awesome.
Love's Recovery - Indigo Girls and Sarah - I had forgotten about this song actually, and it's stunningly beautiful. I think I "get" it more now that I'm older. (sound is not so great on this one, turn the volume down and it's better)
Closer to Fine with the Ladies of Lilith.
Toxic - covered by Ingrid.
"Official Lilith Hartford"

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loves recovery is my favorite, and I I got it on my phone.

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