Garden WIPs

My knitting WIPs are either all under wraps or uninteresting blobs for the moment, so I'm going to blog about my garden. I consider myself quite lucky to have grown up with a dad who likes to garden. Starting seeds inside in the winter, weeding and dead-heading in the summer, eating cherry tomatoes right off the plant and the smell of good soil make up a good portion of my memories. Dad would let me look through the seed catalogs and make lists of what I would like to grow in the garden - and would gently let me know that some things just don't grow too well in our rocky New England soil / short growing season. We would try different things though - peanuts didn't grow at all. Now that I have my own home and yard, I feel like I have to have a garden! It's not a quick hobby, but it can be so satisfying (unless you find that the deer and bunnies think you've laid out a special salad bar for them). I love that now the Lorax is into it as well - this year she helped weed, plant seeds, water and look for bad bugs. I was very late in getting my plants outside this year (like, fourth of July!), so my harvest is a bit behind schedule but it's coming! I remembered to finally bring my camera outside to document the perpetual work in progress.

Green Tomatoes
Tomatoes are doing alright this year.

Cucumber Leaf
Cucumber vines are stretching out and grabbing on to whatever they can (mainly the sunflowers and tomatoes)

Daddy Long Legs
One of a handful of daddy long-legs (it's not a spider!) that patrol the garden.

One Hard Working Ladybug
One of two hard working ladybugs that I found walking on the sunflower stems - it's a red ladybug - not an imposter.

Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar
A fuzzy yellow caterpillar - one of several. I think it's a moth larva... but not positive which one - I'm googling.

A Girl and Her Green Beans
A girl and her green beans - I harvest and she eats half of them before we even get into the house! Same as last year.

And what is it about sunflowers that make them so interesting to photograph?
All Wrapped UP
Sunflower Backside

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