Maglia Ritorta

I finally have some knitting to show! I finished something, wove in the ends, took some photos and sent it off. Presenting... Maglia Ritorta designed by Jill Wolcott (her website is y2knitpatterns) and knit up in Mountain Meadow Wool - Laramie (their worsted) and the "Sky" colorway.
FO - Unblocked

FO - Unblocked
Back side. (Wow, I need a haircut. I do like how red my hair looks here.)

It's not blocked (per my sample knitting instructions) - it still looks pretty cute. It nicely wraps around your shoulders and being worsted wool created a dense fabric that is quite warm. It blocks out quite nice though - apparently I didn't upload the swatch photo to flickr, but it is on the project page on Ravelry.

I am very pleased to have that project finished. I'm just about done with another super-huge-super-secret project, I'm working on a test knit for a fellow SnB (and I have to say - having friends who have nice taste in yarns makes for a dreamy project. Silk = luscious!!), one "Memorable Women" sock is done and I've got another sample sweater started and then I have also started to think about Christmas gifts...

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